Price List

Below is a table of some of our produce, these prices are not an accurate represention and are not updated regulary.

Scottish or local beef
Topside £10.99 kg
Rump steak £14.99 kg
Sirloin Steak £19.99 kg
Fillet Steak £29.50 kg
Braising Steak £8.00 kg
Minced Beef £7.50 kg
Rib Beef £13.50 kg
Local Lamb
Lamb chops £10.75
Cutlets £10.75 kg
Leg of Lamb £10.25 kg
Shoulder £8.50 kg
Local Pork
Pork Leg £8.00 kg
Pork Shoulder £8.00 kg
Belly Pork £4.75 kg
Pork Steaks £8.50 kg
Dry cured bacon £8.50 kg
Streaky Bacon £7.00 kg
Gammon Joint £7.50 kg
Gammon Steak £8.00 kg
Local Free Range Poultry
Whole free range chicken £5.75kg
Chicken Fillet £8.50kg
Homemade Sausages, Burgers and Kebabs
4 Pack of Beef, pork and Lamb burgers (100g ea) £4.00
4 Pack of Spicy Lamb Kebabs £4.00
Sausages ( Various flavours ) £8.00 Kg